Print Stationery

Our print stationery program takes full advantage of the sophistication and vibrancy of the LMU Loyola Law School visual identity. Harnessing the strength of the law school logo lock-up, the vibrancy of our color palette and the clarity of the contemporary Metric primary typeface, the print stationery program makes a bold statement of the Loyola Law School brand.

The law school print stationery is requested through LLS Graphics via


Business Cards

Standard Business Card

The law school faculty/staff business card template is available in the following options:

  • Spirit Mark
  • Blank (no printing)

The template makes full use of our vivid color palette and a clean typographic strategy. Names and titles come in all sizes, and the LLS business card has layout options to accommodate different needs.

An integrated approach features a distinct university layout, maintaining the law school brand with clarity and consistency.

*Student business cards template is forthcoming.


Spirit Mark Back View

Blank Back View

LLS Business Card Example

Print Letterhead

An integrated approach to university letterhead features a distinct university layout, maintaining the law school brand with clarity and consistency.

Read guidelines on allowable letterhead content.

LLS Letterhead, Standard layout



#10 Envelopes

LLS envelopes follow U.S. Postal Service requirements for address formatting and maximum allowable print area. It is a USPS best practice and a university requirement to print RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED on all envelopes to expedite the cost-free return of any undeliverable mail back to the university.

LLS #10 Envelope, Standard layout

Additional Stationery


Announcement Envelopes

Oversized Catalog Envelope (10x13)

5.5x8.5-inch Notepad

4.25x5.5-inch Notepad

A6 & A2 Sizes Available

Crack-and-Peel Mailing Label


Routing Slip