Our brand is what we stand for in the hearts and minds of the people we are trying to reach, influence and move to action.

Branding 101: An Introduction to LMU's Brand Development Initiative

We have been LMU's law school for almost 100 years. But the connection has not always been clear. An extensive multi-year brand perception survey -- the most extensive in the university's history -- showed that our brands are stronger together. By better aligning the brand positioning of all seven LMU colleges, we all see more benefit from each other's successes.

Our brand is more than our logos, colors and marketing campaigns. It’s our essence. It's the sum total of perceptions that people have about our institution. When strong, our brand creates a memorable, emotional connection that inspires engagement, loyalty and trust. And when it's done right, it helps all of us all better tell our amazing stories.

It is with that lens that the university began in 2016 a multi-year brand development initiative whose primary goal is to elevate our academic reputation and visibility. Through careful research and a thorough consensus-building process, we as a university have articulated our first-ever brand platform, distilled into our positioning statement, Creating the World We Want to Live In.

Our new comprehensive visual identity is the first major expression of our new brand strategy. The robust system offers new ways to boldly communicate our mission consistently across all LMU colleges and with impact. Identity guidelines and an ever-growing suite of templates -- from business cards to social media -- facilitate easy adoption of the new visual identity across platforms.

The brand initiative is ongoing, and involves all of us. As Loyola Law School faculty, staff, students and other friends, we are all ambassadors and stewards of the our brand. The guidelines and tools on this website are a starting point for all of us in our shared work to maintain and evolve the brand in the direction of our ambitions.

Contact Marketing and Communications with your questions about Loyola Law School's brand and visual identity.

Brand Development Timeline

2017 - Research
Qualitative and quantitative brand research
Survey sent to 75,000+ stakeholders
Results discussed in open forums

2018 - Strategy and Visual Identity
Brand strategy and platform drafted and refined with broad community input
Preliminary creative expressions tested via internal survey
LMU visual identity system redesigned

2019 and beyond - Brand Launch
Messaging and creative expression refinement
Brand and visual identity training sessions
Internal brand launch
External brand launch