Visual Identity Implementation Committee

The Visual Identity Implementation Committee advises university leadership on all requests and activities related to logo adoption, replacements, priorities, budgets, contracts, and timelines. Led by Marketing and Communications and reporting to the VP of Marketing and Communications, this representative group is tasked with cataloging, assessing and ordering logo transition projects. The committee receives and considers all project requests related to permanent and semi-permanent signage, both interior and exterior; vehicles; furniture and decor; signage and branded equipment for major university events; among others.

The Visual Identity Implementation Committee was assembled to ensure LMU addresses change deliberately, uniformly, strategically, and comprehensively, synthesizing contracts and leveraging vendors for economies of scale and efficiency.

Please help us by identifying necessary logo upgrades on our campuses and sharing them with the committee member assigned to your area. To facilitate a comprehensive process, all contracts or requests sent to Risk Management, Facilities Management or through any other request process will be redirected to this committee for review and approval.

Committee Leadership

Maureen Pacino, Chair, Marketing and Communications
Rob Raichlen, Vice Chair, Marketing and Communications
Guy Silliman, Project Manager, Marketing and Communications
Ben Sullivan, Marketing and Communications

Committee Members,

Martin Alvarez, Facilities
Joseph Archie, Loyola Law School
Andrew Black, Student Affairs
Trish Carlson, Conference and Event Services
Dianna Corriero, Campus Business Services
Patrick Frontiera, Information Technology Services
Erin Hanson, University Advancement
Matthew Jauregui, Conference and Event Services
Lynn Mitchell-Parrish, Information Technology Services
Andrew O’Reilly, Auxiliary Management and Business Affairs
Kathy Reed, Enrollment Management/Registrar’s Office
Rich Rocheleau, Student Affairs
David Sapp, Academic Affairs
Dan Smith, Athletics
Ashley Wilson, Enrollment Management
Mike Wong, Facilities